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Learning Underwater Photography at Karimunjawa Archipelago

Last Month(December, 2014) I have a trip to Karimunjawa Archipelago at Central Java. Karimunjawa is well known for its beautiful scenery and wonderful coral reefs. It also known for a place that you could swim with shark freely.

Using Canon G1X prosumer with underwater case I try to capture this beautiful place. Thought this is my first time ever did underwater photography. The most difficult things for underwater photography is not the camera settings. It is that you have to learn to dive to get good picture. And maintenance your body to stay calm under the underwater current.

Well here are some pictures from my camera. Enjoy it.

Carl The Aquaman, My German pal who really love to dive and snorkeling.

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Happy sunset at Yogyakarta’s Sand Dune

This photo is taken few months ago at Yogyakarta’s Sand dune. This place well known as one of the only two in the world. The other is at Mexico.

The first picture is a happy family having a trip with 4×4 Jeep. Their sweet little girl get a lot of photo sections while the energetic young boys running all over the place.

yogyakarta's sand dune

Next is a happy lovely couple. They took a many picture using the sand dune as the background. The girl is a model I thought. I found a plastic flower left deserted combine with a dead branch, and here it come my picture…

happy couple at sand dune

Ramadhan at Mount Merbabu

The weather was warm when I packing my equipments and stocks. It was the first day of Ramadhan 1435 H. I’ll start a journey to a place where  I declare as one of my sanctuary.

28th July 2014, a moment after Isbat assembly held by Ministry of Religion declare its result, Bendol, a friend of mine came with his suspicious smile. He asked me how about going to one of populars mount in Java, Mount Merbabu. When I asked when, without thinking he said tomorrow. What the!!!!  That’s the meaning of his sly face. Well, a deal is a deal. That night we divide what equipment we should brought.

Next day after Sahur, I collect all my stuff  which spread across peoples. Bought some stocks, checking camping tools, and get some exercises. The weather was warm when I packing my equipments and stocks. It was the first day of Ramadhan 1435 H.

Bendol came to our base camp at 13.00 GMT+7.  He forgot to prepare some important equipment.  Careless as always. We hit the road around 2 o’clock after completing preparation. It’ll be 2 hours long journey to Wekas Village.

Because usually go to Wekas by bus, I little bit forgot the road. Both of us often arguing after passing Grand  Arthos. Thanks to digital technology in Andorid, we have GPS installed. Continue reading Ramadhan at Mount Merbabu