about me

Hai!!! I am  Ahmad Firdaus from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I called Vierda I like travelling, especially adventures and mountaineering.

Currently I’m a teacher at School of Human, Bekasi, Indonesia. I am accompanying  children with special need in their learning experience at school. Also free lance guide for outdoor activity with Holadios Travel. My hobby is photography, drawing, hiking, and wandering :D.

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Journey of life has just begun whenever you took a step


12 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hello bro,, good to see you in your blog, I was really excited to blog again since your statuses always in my TL FB. But that’s good for me. 😀 “Why don’t I start blogging again?” That’s my first question! then I remembered that I still had an account on wordpress.com

        1. nah itu dia…. saya yang jadinya ga bisa dateng karena sakit ^_^ besok minggu di UGM juga ada LAzada blogger Gathering dan sayangnya saya harus ke Madiun 😦

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