about me

I was born with name  Ahmad Firdaus in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I called Vierda since high school. I like travelling, especially adevntures and mountaineering.

Right now I’m a free lance writer for Yogyakarta Branch of Indonesian Red Cross volunteer corps. Also free lance guide for outdoor activity around Yogyakarta. My hobby is photography, drawing, hiking, and doing some exercise. Now, I start learning drawing sketch.

My social media account

  • Facebook  di eru vierda
  • Twitter        di @eruvierda
  • Y!m               di el_vierda

Journey of life has just begun whenever you took a step


12 thoughts on “about me”

  1. Hello bro,, good to see you in your blog, I was really excited to blog again since your statuses always in my TL FB. But that’s good for me. 😀 “Why don’t I start blogging again?” That’s my first question! then I remembered that I still had an account on wordpress.com

        1. nah itu dia…. saya yang jadinya ga bisa dateng karena sakit ^_^ besok minggu di UGM juga ada LAzada blogger Gathering dan sayangnya saya harus ke Madiun 😦

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