Learning Underwater Photography at Karimunjawa Archipelago

Last Month(December, 2014) I have a trip to Karimunjawa Archipelago at Central Java. Karimunjawa is well known for its beautiful scenery and wonderful coral reefs. It also known for a place that you could swim with shark freely.

Using Canon G1X prosumer with underwater case I try to capture this beautiful place. Thought this is my first time ever did underwater photography. The most difficult things for underwater photography is not the camera settings. It is that you have to learn to dive to get good picture. And maintenance your body to stay calm under the underwater current.

Well here are some pictures from my camera. Enjoy it.

Carl The Aquaman, My German pal who really love to dive and snorkeling.

karimunjawa underwater
This is how the beautiful coral reef in Karimunjawa sea looks like


Swimming with shark
Swimming with shark. Its sensation is awesome
my blue starfish
Found a blue star fish in the bottom of 3 m coral reef how beautiful
my snorkeling friendfrom jakarta
Accompany a friend from Jakarta for snorkeling
our guide
He is our local guide to search the best snorkeling site
This is me and my Canon G1X with underwater case

20 thoughts on “Learning Underwater Photography at Karimunjawa Archipelago”

      1. great. I want to do it someday. However, i don’t know if i have courage to do that or not LoL

          1. hahahha i have to come with you so i’m bold to do that. Swimming with sharks! One of my must-to-do before die 😛

    1. sekitar April mak atau september
      tapi sebaiknya mantau cuacanya BMKG dulu… berhubung kemarin saya cuma disuruh nemenin bukan arrange jadinya yah begitu ^_^

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