Ramadhan at Mount Merbabu

The weather was warm when I packing my equipments and stocks. It was the first day of Ramadhan 1435 H. I’ll start a journey to a place where  I declare as one of my sanctuary.

28th July 2014, a moment after Isbat assembly held by Ministry of Religion declare its result, Bendol, a friend of mine came with his suspicious smile. He asked me how about going to one of populars mount in Java, Mount Merbabu. When I asked when, without thinking he said tomorrow. What the!!!!  That’s the meaning of his sly face. Well, a deal is a deal. That night we divide what equipment we should brought.

Next day after Sahur, I collect all my stuff  which spread across peoples. Bought some stocks, checking camping tools, and get some exercises. The weather was warm when I packing my equipments and stocks. It was the first day of Ramadhan 1435 H.

Bendol came to our base camp at 13.00 GMT+7.  He forgot to prepare some important equipment.  Careless as always. We hit the road around 2 o’clock after completing preparation. It’ll be 2 hours long journey to Wekas Village.

Because usually go to Wekas by bus, I little bit forgot the road. Both of us often arguing after passing Grand  Arthos. Thanks to digital technology in Andorid, we have GPS installed.

2014 022
Took a rest

From Jogja we drive to Magelang. You just need to follow Magelang Street around 1 hour. Then you’ll arrive at Gran Arthos Aerowisata. Turn right into the direction of Salatiga. Drive ahead till you meet 3-junction. Ahead is to Salatiga and right is direction to Kopeng. Turn Right. Follow the street till you saw a gate reads WEKAS at right side of the street.

PS : You also could go there by public transport. Take Jogja-Semarang bus like Ramayana till Magelang Station (10.000 rupiahs) then take minibus direction to Kopeng. Just mention Wekas Gate to the driver (6-10.000 rupiahs). From the gate you could rent Ojek or pick up or just take a walk for 1 hour.

Near Wekas registration post
Near Wekas registration post

From the gate to base camp was another challenge. We face 4-5 km rural steep streets. Because we ride automatic motorbike, its power not strong enough in some ramp. Plus our big body and heavy body pack.

Wekas first Hiking Post
Wekas first Hiking Post

We arrived at Wekas base camp around 4 p.m. Didn’t want to delaying precious time, we start hiking right after filling registration form.  From base camp to first hiking post was 1 hour and half. Usually I only need 1 hour. We spent another 30 minutes for extra rest. My partner who rarely hike a mountain need a lot of rest in each steep.

My first impression of the POST 1 was well preserved. It also have some additions since my last visit last year. Chairs from log. Flatted ground for camps. Also a SIGN that never there before. We take 30 minutes here to rest. I need to sleep because stay up overnight.

From first post to second post take 2-3 hours. The easiest way to reach it, is simply by following the water pipes. We still in the middle between those post when the sun was set. Iftar time for me. I only take some gulp of water to end my fast.

iftar time

The sky was very dark when we arrived at second post. The weather was very cold. The wind blowing hard. Some tents have seen set spread across the plain. We build our tent near the water source. In the middle of building the tent, Bendol’s hands start to freeze. I decide to go to our neighbor tent which have campfire.

Pius and Niken who own that tent give advice to move our tent closed to them. With Pius help, we moved the tent. We talked till 12 a.m. Pius said that we didn’t need to put the fire off to maintain the heat around the tents.

warming up

It was 3 a.m when I woke up. The campfire has been extinguished. It seems the wind did it. I should preparing Sahur. I cook the rice found near the abandoned rubbish. Because I cooked it using campfire, which is unstable thre was overcooked. Bendol woke up right after the rice was cooked. Then he made fried noodles to eat with the rice.

2014 035After sahur and did morning prayer I continued my rest.

Actually, we and another hiker plan to climb up to the peak of this mountain at 1 a.m. But the wind gale since the evening left us no choice but the delayed it. The group from JB start to hike at 9 a.m. Me and Bendol canceled the plan because the mist is thick.

After washing the cookware, I took a time to  take some photograph of its surrounding. Here we go!

2014 041
Our camp site
2014 044
2014 031
WIld white flower, night plus flashlight
2014 042
Sign at Second Post’s water source. Bring down your trash


At 1  p.m. me, Bendol, Pius and Niken pack the equipment and climb down the mountain. We compete with the mist. If we late, the mist will getting thicker and thicker.

climb downWe arrived at Mitra Indah base camp at 3.30 p.m. Climb down was twice faster than climb up. Sometime it could be thrice. We plan to buy some souvenirs there.


MItra Indah base camp2014 049

Unfortunately the shop keeper went to the farm since noon. Even we have waiting 30 minutes he hasn’t comeback.We decided to go to the next destination. Home!!

2014 051


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