They rose up! Stories of Hope

Indonesia often called “Supermarket of Disasters.” Many disasters have occurred and impacted people in different ways, both physically and psychosocially. In physical you could say damaged houses, burned plantation, also damaged body. The last one, has the biggest impact in people psychology. More if it left them with disability. For them who born in normal, being disabled people often make them sink deep in stress and mourning.

I read a book titled “Stories of Hope : Kembali Hidup”. This book arranged by Indonesian Red Cross to spread  stories of them who could stand up and face their life again. Also how Red Cross join together with other charity foundation and volunteers creating a program to assist the disabled disaster victim. 

They made a community group consist of 6-10 disabled people to carry out various activities depending on their preferences. Art, crafting, music, and others that have discussed and bring them benefit. Red Cross volunteers accompany  them till they become autonomous.

In this book we could read many success stories from the disabled people who have rose up from their suffering.

In example Marliana(20). Her spinal cord got injured and make her become paraplegic in Yogyakarta 2006 earthquake.  She was in her second years in high school when it happen. Its hard for her to go to school in wheel chair. Joining with the program, she developed her skill in baking cakes. Nowadays, her cakes are highly sought for meetings and ceremony.

Another case is Sumaryanti (25). She is in the same condition with Marliana.  When know she is injured, she is mourning a lot. Crying in her room everyday. After join the community and intense communicate with other disabled people, her enthusiasm rose up again. She start making sewn accessories and souvenirs. At her house, she also run mobile phone credit selling kiosk. She also receive orders for dressmaking because she was studied dressmaking in high school.

And many more stories which will embarrassed you and cheering you to do the best. They who sometime ago lose their will to live, now rose up and walk their  path in confident.

They can RISE UP, can’t you? 

Title : Stories of Hope /  Kembali Hidup
Author : Palang Merah Indonesia
Published : Jakarta 2008

13 thoughts on “They rose up! Stories of Hope”

  1. Hope is very important . I met an entrepreuner , he often call them are “PwG” – People with great abilities! not diseabled.

    1. in this post I mentioning disability because most of them they have the ability (normal). In terms of our conversation we never mention that disability vulgarly. Some of us called it Diffable = different ability.

      Hope is one best motor to rise up

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