My Next Project : TRANSLATION!

I realized that my readers are not only from Indonesia. I’ve placed some translation buttons on the widget bar, but some said that’s not enough. “Hey you should write it in English!” Some said that Google translate are not good enough when I used uncommon words or abbreviations.

Okay, okay, I’ll make some post in English later. But first, I’ll start it with translating some of my already posted post. Why? It’s because easier for me and I could write down many post in short time LOL 😀

It’s also for supporting my new overseas Hương from Vietnam to start writing again. Yeah! We should cheer up one another, right? I know it’s hard to start writing again after long time. But, Hey!! Just make your fingers dance on the keyboard 😀

well then, happy enjoying my next project result. Happy Writing, dear blogger around the world.

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